Hyatt Set to Expand Brand Presence in Northern India with two New Hotels

Hyatt Hotels Corporation recently announced that a Hyatt affiliate has entered into franchise agreements with 3B Group of Companies for two new Hyatt-branded hotels in Uttarakhand, a state in northern India, including Hyatt Centric Rajpur Road Dehradun and Hyatt Place Haridwar. The new hotels will mark the entry of the Hyatt Centric and Hyatt Place brands in Uttarakhand, thus significantly expanding Hyatt’s brand presence in the country and demonstrating its commitment to the strategic growth of its portfolio in key markets that matter to its guests, World of Hyatt members, customers and owners.

The new hotels will be conveniently located in popular tourist destinations of Uttarakhand, catering to both leisure and business travellers who are visiting the surrounding areas and attractions. Hyatt Centric Rajpur Road Dehradun will be situated in the foothills of one of India’s renowned travel attractions, Mussoorie, also known as “Queen of the Hills”, while Hyatt Place Haridwar will be in one of the highly visited pilgrimage destinations in India, known as the “holy land”, for its scenic natural beauty. Hyatt Centric Rajpur Road Dehradun will be the first to open by mid-2023.

“India continues to play pivotal role in Hyatt’s growth strategy and we look forward to our first  collaboration with 3B Group of Companies to bring our globally acclaimed brands, Hyatt Centric and Hyatt Place, to the northern state of Uttarakhand,” said Mr Dhruva Rathore, Vice President of Development, India & Southwest Asia, Hyatt. “In less than a year we have announced the entry of three Hyatt hotel brands in Uttarakhand, which reinforces the growing attraction of this market and Hyatt’s commitment toward thoughtfully expanding our presence in destinations where our guests want to travel, as well as where owners and developers can leverage our global distribution network and World of Hyatt loyalty program.” The Railways see an increase in the number of passengers during the summer season. These special trains are designed to ensure a smooth and comfortable travel experience.

IHCL Strengthens Its Presence in NCR With the Signing of Taj Hotel at Delhi International Airport

Indian Hotels Company (IHCL), India’s largest hospitality company, recently announced the signing of a  Taj branded hotel at Indira Gandhi International Airport’s Terminal 3 in New Delhi.


Mr Puneet Chhatwal, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, IHCL said, “This signing is in line with IHCL’s vision to expand its footprint in gateway cities. The world-class Taj branded hotel at one of the busiest airports in Asia will be a significant addition to our portfolio in the National Capital Region (NCR). With this addition the Taj brand is now present in the country’s largest airports – Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. We are delighted to partner

with Chalet Airport Hotel Pvt. Ltd. for this hotel.”

The 400-keys hotel will be strategically situated adjacent to the Indira Gandhi International Airport’s Terminal 3, an integrated terminal used for both international and domestic flights in New Delhi. It is in proximity to Aero City, one of the largest business districts in the country. The wide range of facilities will include an all-day diner, a speciality restaurant, a bar and a lobby lounge. The hotel will also be equipped with over 6,000 square feet of banqueting space and flexible meeting rooms. Recreational facilities will include a spa, swimming pool and gym.


Mr Sanjay Sethi, Managing Director & CEO, Chalet Hotels Ltd. said, “We are delighted to partner with IHCL for our upcoming hotel in New Delhi with signing of this Franchise agreement. It was a well thought out decision to choose the ‘Taj’ brand for this marque asset. We look forward to a grand opening of the Taj at the New Delhi Airport in a couple of years.”


New Delhi, the capital of India is of great historical significance and is an important commercial and cultural hub, as well as the political centre of India. An array of historical sites, including the World Heritage Sites of Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb and Qutub Minar, make it the perfect place for exploring India’s rich history. 


With the addition of this hotel, IHCL will have 15 hotels across Taj, Sele Qtions, Vivanta and Ginger brands across the National Capital Region, including three under development.


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Noida International Airport chooses Amadeus as a Strategic Technology Partner

Noida International Airport (NIA) has signed an agreement with Amadeus for the provision of a world-class passenger processing system (PPS) including common use check-in, boarding, baggage reconciliation and DigiYatra enabled biometric capabilities. Under the agreement, Amadeus will design, supply, commission, operate and maintain the cloud-hosted end-toend PPS for Noida International Airport. Under the terms of the service engagement, Amadeus will  also provide a host of smart and modern capabilities, including biometric based DigiYatra integration at every passenger touch point to enable smooth passenger experiences.

 Self-service PPS touchpoints including check-in kiosks, automated bag drops and eGates will be fully integrated

and communicate in real-time with airline departure control systems and other stakeholders to facilitate a frictionless

experience for travellers.

Mr Christoph Schnellmann, Chief Executive Officer, Noida International Airport, said, “We are pleased to partner

with Amadeus for the passenger processing system at Noida International Airport. Amadeus is a leading global travel

technology company and its rich experience and stable suite of digital solutions will support NIA in delivering worldclass

services. This is a significant step forward in our endeavour of facilitating fast, safe and convenient journeys for


Ms Sarah Samuel, SVP Airport and Airline Operations, APAC, Amadeus said, “Noida International Airport and

Amadeus are working to co-create the digital passenger experience of the future. We look forward to supporting an

end-to-end airport journey based on innovative cloud, self-service and biometric technology that delivers a smooth and

relaxed airport experience. This partnership is an important milestone for Amadeus in the Indian market and beyond,

showcasing the strength of our technology in supporting airports’ growth from the ground up”.

Eco-Friendly Traveller The Need of the Hour

Anil Singh

It is time that we realise that small changes of today will be making the big differences of tomorrow. And if millions of people start making small changes, the results would be remarkable. People travel around to admire the mountains, feel the flow of waters, and discover amazing nature. However, travellers or tourists are also responsible for ruining nature. Many popular tourist destinations are dealing with the problem of waste and trash. The enthusiasm behind travelling is gradually getting dampened.

But things shouldn’t be like that. We must improvise and alter our habits to let nature thrive and flourish. In doing so, we have to develop into an ecofriendly traveller.

Travel Green

Travel green means using transportation that would help to reduce carbon emissions. Instead of travelling around to the destination by cab or taxi, hire a bicycle or try walking. You can even consider using a hybrid rental car. Opting for public transportation is also helpful. Sharing a ride with other travellers brings down your expenses and lessens pollution. Try to book non-stop flights which contribute to a lesser carbon footprint. Travelling in trains has a reasonably low impact on the environment. They are one of the eco-friendlier modes to travel long distances.

Appreciate Wildlife

Every tourist destination has its own distinctive flora and fauna. It plays a crucial role in harmonising the ecosystem of that place. Do make sure that the natural habitat isn’t damaged in any way while you explore your favourite destination. Similar to the animals on land, it is better to view marine life from some distance. Causing distress to underwater creatures is also not acceptable.

Use Biodegradable Travel Items

Another way to begin your travelling in an eco-friendlier approach is by using sustainable products. Instead of using disposable bottles, bags, wipes, razors etc use the recycled or reusable alternatives. Plastic bottles are turning out to be a big hazard throughout the world. Similarly, using plastic bags while travelling isn’t that wise. You can always carry reusable travel or tote bags. At times it can be very helpful.

Support Local Businesses

Try to use the products and services of local businesses and artisans. Try to abide by the customs and guidelines when you visit a new place. Contributing to something good will always make you feel delighted. Providing support to the locals is a big initiative. Do eat and drink the local delicacies the place has to offer. Opt for locally grown fruits and vegetables which would be encouraging for the local farmers. 

Don’t Litter

Trash is not a part of nature. It pollutes not only soil and water but the environment too. Trash or garbage you leave behind is very much responsible for destructing nature. Dispose of the trash in a sensible manner. Go by the rules that prevail in the tourist destinations you visit. If every tourist puts in their own tiny yet significant effort, we can achieve a lot.

Use Biodegradable Travel Items

It is time that we realise that small changes of today will be making the big differences of tomorrow. And if millions of people start making small changes, the results would be remarkable. People travel around to admire the mountains, feel the flow of waters, and discover amazing nature. However, travellers or tourists are also responsible for ruining nature. Many popular tourist destinations are dealing with the problem of waste and trash. The enthusiasm behind travelling is gradually getting dampened.

Prefer Eco-Accommodation

On your visit to a destination make an effort to stay in eco-hotels or eco-resorts.Such eco-friendly accommodations are conscious of the environmental footprint. Therefore, they attempt to reduce trash or misuse of water, etc. They put into use recyclable alternatives rather than plastic or other disposable items. These types of the workplace also offer employment opportunities for the natives. You can find many eco-accommodations through an online search. 

Avoid Disgraceful Animal Experiences

It is very much true that more than often animals are not treated properly in tourism. In many famous tourist destinations, animals are mishandled for earning money. Many wild animals are kept drugged so that tourists can click photographs with them. Even the majestic elephants have to go through a tremendous amount of pain and sufferings. It is time we should stop visiting such places and stop these disgraceful acts. However, you can still locate decent animal attractions. Whenever you’re in any doubt regarding mistreatment of animals for entertainment purpose, do avoid such interactions.

The ultimate goal of an eco-friendly traveller is supposed to diminish negative impact wherever they travel. It is extremely important for us to know how to be a conscious traveller. Only then can we be able to reduce the impact on the environment we come into contact with.


“Resentment”, “Criticism”, “Guilt” & “Fear” – KEEP THEM AT BAY

Human beings are destined to grapple with life’s problems. The range of problems is vast, their complexities varying from individual to individual. With neither discrimination nor any standardisation; the mighty nature remains a mute witness to the show. Look around yourself; everyone is exposed to this phenomenon. If only one would know, what causes problems; probably the solutions could be at hand. Social scientists have given through this issue for ages. After extensive research, they have honed-on to the undermentioned “4 Ills” which are responsible for human miseries. Louise-L-Hay; the renowned metaphysical motivator (author of the iconic book “YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE” – translated into 25 different languages in 33 countries) says on the subject:


  1. Resentment
  2. Criticism
  3. Guilt & · Fear 

They cause more problems than anything else. One must try hard to keep them at bay. Neither one should inflict them on others, nor be the victim. Let us elaborate:

RESENTMENT: It is human nature to blame others for one’s own lapses. Everyone wishes to come clean when a “fault-fixing” exercise is on. Is it the streak of in-built cowardice which makes a person tilt towards manipulations? If one is innocent and labelled guilty; he/she will sulk and suffer from bouts of resentment. Since, not a fair deal – the one who has inflicted ‘injury’, too will suffer by living in regrets. After all, resentment is a two-way street. Both parties suffer equally. 

The best way to deal with a grudge is not to find a scapegoat. Accept slippage(s) and get on the job to find an amicable solution. Do not allow escapism to dictate your conscience.

CRITICISM: There is nothing wrong with criticism provided it is done objectively. It is easy to criticize than to repair its consequences.

Our students may recall, in the aviation world, we have the term “CABIN FEVER”. It means, one is dissatisfied; he/she is restless, easily irritable and bored beyond redemption.

Such situations are common in our lives. Treat them as trivials. They are not like “Black Swans” – the ones which are unexpected and have wide-ranging impacts

In fact, such a phase too will pass!! Keep your cool. Remaining calm and non-critical; yet staying vigilant is the key to working one’s way through any

There is an axis of “good behaviour” in return for “bad behaviour’. Good behaviour in return for bad behaviour touches the conscience of others. It is difficult to go against conscience

American President ABRAHAM LINCOLN’s life-story “WITH MALICE TOWARDS NONE” – His biographer Stephen Boates gives a detailed account of his set-backs in his long political career. LINCOLN accepted them in their stride and never criticized anyone. This saved him from self-anguish and unwanted hurt to others. No wonders “Lincoln’s ability to stand up to stronger advertises earned him the aura of a hero out of an epic poem.”

As the wise counsel says – in your work-life, never indulge in an unhealthy and unsavoury criticism. It remains embedded in the sub-conscience of the individual(s). It is neither forgiven nor forgotten. Its life-span is very long. Avoid criticizing lest it results in cold-shouldering. And says Clemenceau “There is nothing harder for the “Human Spirit” to bear than being cold-shouldered”

GUILT: The Random House Dictionary defines “GUILT”, “as the feeling of responsibility for some real or imaginary offence”.

Remaining under the constant shadow of guilt can cause a person partial amnesia – it can rob him/ her of peace and equanimity.Individuals struck with guilt-feelings become ‘numb’ with loss of capacity for anticipation. In extreme cases, they may turn a blind eye to the forthcoming challenge and prefer to lie low than to “face” it.

Once awakened from the slumber they realise that the hybernation has hurt them in terms of “missed opportunities”. Too late to mend the fences; they feel guilty of the poor show enacted by

FEAR: Former senior diplomat Sh. K. Natwar Singh once wrote about fear, “No fear is worse than the fear of the unknown; the fear of nature’s forces, which man can neither channel nor comprehend”.

True! But we live in an age of duality; I would rather say “Do not fear the winds of adversity; the kite rises against the wind – rather than
with it”.

IRCTC & FHRAI unite to offer hotel accommodations to tourist

The Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI) and the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) unite to offer hotel accommodations to tourists. The collaboration will allow hotel members of the FHRAI and its Regional Associations to provide their inventory for sale as online Accommodation Partners through the IRCTC tourism website and its associate portal.

As part of the special partnering offer, a discount of 2 per cent on the commission payable to IRCTC is offered to the hotel or chain of hotels in the 3-star category or with equivalent facilities. The hotels are required to be affiliated to FHRAI and its regional Associations. Founded in 1955, the FHRAI is India’s apex and the world’s 3rd largest Hospitality Association.

Commenting on the initiative, Gurbaxish Singh Kohli, Vice President, FHRAI said, “India’s apex Hospitality Association and IRCTC, a Government of India enterprise are coming together to offer tourists quality hotel accommodations in the country. This will offer IRCTC’s users the option to choose their preferred stay from over 55000 hotels across India.”

“The empanelled hotels or hotel chains are in the 3-star or above category with all basic amenities and, international standards of hygiene and safety. This will give users of the IRCTC the convenience of booking quality rooms anywhere in India while booking their travel through the IRCTC website. This is a win-win situation for everyone and we are glad to be partners with the IRCTC in this venture,” he added.

The partnership entails empanelment of accommodation partners for a period of three years and is extendable every 3 years without any charges on mutually agreed terms. Besides this, it also provides a one-time waiver of integration charges as applicable for all new applications received up to 31st July 2021.